About the project

Project Title: "SCOLA" - Skills and Competences on the Labour market -  Development of competences of teachers working in vocational education for enhancing the successful entrance of students into the LM"

The main objective of the SCOLA project is to develop an innovative, efficient, currently unavailable  training curriculum which provides the teachers in VET a new approach which supports the development of career-building skills and competences. The training with the use of direct experiences of 7 partners from 5 EU member states will include methods for teachers to be able to identify and develop those competencies of their students which can help them in a smooth entrance from the school into the labour market.

Although there have been several attempts throughout Europe to better connect education and the labour market, most of the developments and projects concentrate on the competence development of the students. The innovation of SCOLA project is to focus on teachers who can transmit the necessary skills and competences more efficiently to the students with this new approach.

The dissemination of the project results will be ensured by – active involvement of the target group into project activities, articles about the project, e-flyer, Promotional Video, website in six languages, brochure.
The results will be sustained as all partners will integrate the developed SCOLA Program  into their own training structures. Sustainability is also served by the fact that the Curriculum will be downloadable free of charge from the project website after implementation too.