SCOLA pilot trainings in progress

As part of the ERASMUS + project „ Skills and Competences on the Labor market -  Development of competences of teachers working in vocational education for enhancing the successful entrance of students into the LM” has started the testing  phase of the developed SCOLA training program. In Hungary the Pilot training was held between 24th – 26th of August at Kós Károly VET School in Érd.



The voluntary participating  teachers had the opportunity to  experience  and to  try this program first  time  and also the possibility to express  their  opinion  and  comments which greatly promote the improvement of the final Curriculum. 

During the summer time there were similar Pilot trainings in all the partner countries of the SCOLA partnership.  






The first SCOLA Pilot training was held by French partners, on 25 and 28 of July, in Nailloux. The participating teachers and trainers gave a very positive feedback on the SCOLA training program, also valuable suggestions for the partners.

 Photos about the training can be seen in the Gallery.