The 6th SCOLA international partnership meeting

The last Partnership Meeting had place in Budapest, on 18th-19th of September 2017 organised by the Coordinator. The most important objective of the meeting was to summarize the results of the project and preparing for the closing report. The project results were presented for a larger number of public as related event. The second day had place in Érd where the last SCOLA partner meeting was closed. There we visited the Hungarian Geographical Museum which gave us an exciting summary about famous Hungarian explorators.

The meeting gave a great opportunity also to visit the vocational school Érdi Kós Károly. We received a short summary from the headmaster about the functioning of the school, also their training courses orientation and planned developments. Then we visited those venues where the practical trainings taking places. At noon we had a delicious dinner prepared in the teaching kitchen of the school than served us by the students of the school.